Family Law

Practice Area

Our legal team at Duboff Edwards Schachter helps each of our clients achieve a resolution that meets their unique needs as well as the needs of their family.

We have specialized expertise in separation and divorce, custody matters, child and spousal support, property issues, child protection, guardianship, adoptions and grandparent access applications, as well as in the preparation of all types of agreements related to family law matters, including separation, cohabitation and prenuptial agreements.

Our number one priority is achieving our clients’ goals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Families experiencing separation or divorce often resolve their issues outside the court, which can involve informal negotiation to reach a settlement or more formal mediation and collaborative processes. When litigation is necessary to advance our clients’ goals, our lawyers have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to protect their clients’ interests and those of their families.

Separation and divorce often raise as many non-legal issues as legal ones. If necessary, we will recommend that our clients involve other trusted professionals in their family law matters. Professionals such as accountants, business valuators, clinical psychologists or social workers can provide valuable input or expert evidence to aid in resolving matters outside or within the court. Our trusted network of professionals has proven invaluable time after time.

We are well versed in the cost free Government programs that can be employed to assist clients and their families, particularly with respect to child related issues, and we will happily assist our clients in accessing these services.

Family law matters often involve stressful or difficult situations. It is our goal at Duboff Edwards Schachter to make the entire process as smooth as possible while ensuring that all of your — and your family’s — needs are met.